The Declaration of Independence states that our unalienable rights include “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Life and liberty may seem easy to understand, but that last phrase is less intuitive. How can people have a right to strive for happiness?  More

Uniting to Fight Poverty: A TED Talk

How do we solve problems like poverty with so much political polarization?

What's New on The Pursuit of Happiness?

Lost Equality of Opportunity Is Biggest Threat to Education

Diamonds are forever. Desegregation orders will be, too, if our end goal for Brown v. Board of Education and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is merely to color-code American classrooms rather than to create equality of opportunity. The latest case comes from the state of Mississippi. On May 13, … Read More

A New Social Science Scandal

Professors are mere human beings. Naturally, then, each has his or her guilty pleasure. In my case, it was candy corn and circus peanuts. Other academics’ guilty pleasures seem to be less benign. For example, some scholars cannot resist the allure of research findings that can be weaponized … Read More

Zenefits CEO David Sacks on his bold bet: Less than 10% of employees accepted ‘The Offer’

Last week, Zenefits CEO David Sacks made one of the more daring turnaround moves in recent Silicon Valley history. Following several months of turmoil over compliance issues that led to the departure of the company’s founder in February, Sacks made what he called “The Offer.” In … Read More

The Other Campus Free-Speech Problem No One’s Talking About

During the past few years, responding to ever-more draconian codes on secular campuses aimed at constraining free speech, dissenting voices have been raised here and there across the political spectrum, defending free expression and free association for all. This addition of conscientious … Read More

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