The Declaration of Independence states that our unalienable rights include “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Life and liberty may seem easy to understand, but that last phrase is less intuitive. How can people have a right to strive for happiness?  More

Uniting to Fight Poverty: A TED Talk

How do we solve problems like poverty with so much political polarization?

What's New on The Pursuit of Happiness?

Get Out of Dodge? American Migration Slows, Homebodies Abound

Geographic mobility has always played a big part in the "American dream." For my part, I have moved between states or countries 10 times. But you don't have to share my apparent wanderlust to realize that picking up and moving can inflect a person's life for the better. Especially in a … Read More

Censorship at Facebook? Maybe Not. Intellectual Diversity? Maybe Not

We all saw the report: Anonymous sources claimed that Facebook employees have deliberately censored stories from the site's "trending" topics that favored the conservative outlook. Conservatives across the country were frustrated and angry, and the reason why ran deeper than simple … Read More

Happy Birthday, George Lucas! 7 Great Quotes From the Great Innovator

George Lucas, the film innovator, auteur, and genius behind “Star Wars,” turned 72 on Saturday, May 14. In honor of his birthday, here are seven inspiring quotes of his on innovation, technology, and America. 1) If America is the pursuit of happiness, the best way to pursue happiness is to … Read More

Pew Report: 5 Differences Between Americans and Europeans

Yes, Americans and Europeans share a commitment to democratic principles, but differences between Americans and Europeans are notable when it comes to personal liberty and the individual's role in achieving one's own success. And while historically, American sensibilities about the role of … Read More

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