The Declaration of Independence states that our inalienable rights include “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Life and liberty are easy to understand, but that last phrase is less intuitive. How can people have a right to strive for happiness?  Learn More

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Study: Religion and Bank Loan Terms

Wen He and Maggie (Rong) Hu, senior lecturers at the University of New South Wales Business School in Australia, examine whether religion affects the terms of bank loans. In the paper's abstract, they write, "We hypothesize that lenders value the traits of religious adherents, such as risk … Read More

The Economics of Homelessness

Turns out the 2008 recession didn't increase the number of homeless while at the same time the number of sheltered homeless didn't expand during or since the recession. Nonetheless, the renewed effort since 2007 to count the number of homeless has ushered in a lot of politics into the issue … Read More

The Real Victims of Victimhood

Many people believe that American culture is slowly transforming into a culture of universal victimhood — an ecosystem where the preferred path to get attention and settle grievances is to file constant, competing claims that you or your group has been victimized. Think this is an extreme … Read More

Happiness lottery study

Science Behind the Factoid: Lottery Winners Are No Happier than Quadriplegics

Here’s a frequently repeated, counterintuitive factoid: people who win large sums in the lottery are no happier, over time, than people who become paralyzed in traumatic accidents. This “fact” comes from Brickman et al’s 1978 paper called Lottery Winners and Accident Victims: Is Happiness … Read More

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