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To Liberation

Committing to education helped Howard Fuller escape childhood poverty. He built a life as a civil rights leader. What he learned along the way could transform America's schools.

Our schools are failing the most vulnerable kids.

Everyone’s heard the scary statistics. But the dollars we spend and the trends in test scores are not what’s most important.

Here’s what matters: We are failing in our moral duty to provide every American boy and girl the tools to build a meaningful and satisfying life.

In these four talks, bold thinkers with deep experience explain how education that works will improve our nation, and where we go from here.





It’s time for us to take action

These insights won’t put themselves into practice. America’s children need all of us to champion their rights and fight for their opportunities.

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Get solutions from top education experts. The American Enterprise Institute’s education scholars conduct elite research and offer bold commentary on improving schooling in the United States. These leading thinkers include Michael McShane, who focuses on K-12 education; Andrew P. Kelly, who directs the Center on Higher Education Reform; and Katharine Stevens, AEI’s first-ever research fellow in early childhood education.

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Effects of College Education on Demonstrated Happiness in the United States

Among the many documented benefits of a college education is a higher level of self-reported happiness. The present work considers instead the level of demonstrated happiness and unhappiness within groups, the latter proxied by the conditional probability of suicide within groups having a college education and those without. Those with college are not happier for it, in these terms, and actually have slightly higher rates of suicide than those without college, based on a recent US data. Read More.

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